With an eye on continued efforts to recover, rebuild, and grow the 10-county regional economy postpandemic, as well as ensuring we are creating an economy for all, the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, an affiliate of the Allegheny Conference, will focus public policy efforts on maximizing political and investment opportunities to propel recovery, enhance regional competitiveness, and grow our economy.

2021 Public Policy Agenda


Lower PA’s Corporate Net Income Tax Rate & Lift the Cap on Net Operating Loss Carryforwards (STATE)

For our region to attract the kind of talent and investment that we need, and to ensure we are supporting a climate for all sizes of business to flourish, we must create a more competitive business environment. By lowering Pennsylvania’s corporate net income tax rate and lifting the cap on net operating loss carryforwards, we will create a more inviting overall business climate and be in a better position to compete with our benchmark regions.

Federal and State

Support Increased Infrastructure Investment (FEDERAL & STATE)

Infrastructure investment is key to economic and equitable growth for the 10-county region. To be competitive, we need to improve our connectivity for our people and products. By improving our roads, bridges, transit systems and waterways, as well as increasing broadband and 5G connectivity, we can move our people and products more efficiently. This will make the Pittsburgh region more attractive to investment and remove barriers that prevent the region from reaching its potential.

Federal and State

Improve & Align PA’s Economic Development Programs to Enhance Regional Strategies (STATE)

To improve the business investment environment and to achieve our regional industry and job creation goals, we encourage strong alignment and enhancement of the Commonwealth’s economic development investments.

Federal and State

Support Immigration Reform (FEDERAL)

We will support policies at the federal level to encourage place-based immigration reform to support population growth; strengthening and expanding programs like the H-1B visa program; and higher education policies that will incentivize and strengthen research and development activities, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Federal & State

Ensure Local Government Solvency (FEDERAL & STATE)

The COVID-19 pandemic placed significant strains on our local governments due to lost tax revenues and fees. Traditionally underserved and under-resourced communities were particularly impacted by the pandemic-induced economic disruptions. We encourage efforts that continue to address and support the fiscal situation of our communities regionwide.

Federal and State

Support Energy Infrastructure (“Economy for All”) Policies (FEDERAL & STATE)

In an effort to better capitalize on our region’s energy resources to grow our economy and improve our quality of life, we support energy policies that align with the Allegheny Conference’s Sustainability Principles. We encourage strategies that boost the economy and enhance competitiveness while providing reliable, long-term and affordable sources of energy for our communities and the Commonwealth.


Improve PA’s Permitting & Regulatory Environment (STATE)

Pittsburgh region employers seek to improve Pennsylvania’s permitting and regulatory environment to make our region more cost-effective and attractive to the investment we hope to retain and attract.


Support Racial Equity Task Force Policy Recommendations (STATE)

Systems of racial inequity exist across the country, including our region, and hold us back from achieving our full potential. To reach the regional vitality we all want, we must address and remove these barriers to create opportunity for all our residents, regardless of zip code or background.

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