With an eye on continued efforts to recover, rebuild and grow the 10-county regional economy post-pandemic, as well as ensuring we are creating an economy for all, the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, an affiliate of the Allegheny Conference, will focus public policy efforts on maximizing political and investment opportunities to propel recovery, enhance regional competitiveness and grow our economy.

2022 Public Policy Agenda


Lower PA’s Corporate Net Income Tax Rate & Lift the Cap on Net Operating Loss Carryforwards (STATE)

To unlock the region’s potential, we must attract talent, business and capital investment and establish a pro-growth framework with a more competitive business tax structure through a material, immediate reduction of Pennsylvania’s corporate net income (CNI) tax rate and a continued phase-down based on performance metrics and an increase or elimination of the cap on net operating loss (NOL) carryforwards.

Federal and State

Improve Regulatory Structure of Highly Automated Vehicles (STATE)

To maintain our strong, but not invincible, position in the autonomous mobile systems sector, we need to create a clear regulatory environment to ensure robust investment. We support legislation that will allow our autonomous vehicle industry to continue to grow and thrive here in Pennsylvania.

Federal and State

Enhance PA’s Economic Development Programs to Attract Capital Investment & Accelerate Job Creation (STATE)

To improve the business investment environment and achieve our regional industry and job creation goals, we encourage strong regional alignment and enhancement of the Commonwealth’s economic development investments.

Support Increased Infrastructure Investment in Physical and Digital Connectivity (FEDERAL & STATE)

Infrastructure investment is key to economic and inclusive growth for the 10-county region. To be competitive, we need to improve our physical and digital connectivity for our people and products. By investing in our roads, bridges, transit systems and waterways, as well as increasing broadband and 5G connectivity, we can move our people and products more efficiently, making the Pittsburgh region more attractive to investment and removing barriers that prevent the region from reaching its potential.

Support Downtown Pittsburgh Revitalization (STATE & LOCAL)

As the 10-county region’s urban center, Downtown Pittsburgh is essential to the region’s economic vitality. We are committed to working with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership to develop and implement strategies as part of the Downtown Pittsburgh Revitalization Plan, which includes policy measures such as commercial offi ce conversion to residential units.

Support Energy Infrastructure Policies (FEDERAL & STATE)

To better capitalize on our region’s energy resources and build out a cluster to create jobs, we support energy policies that align with the Allegheny Conference’s Sustainability Principles. We encourage strategies that boost the economy and enhance competitiveness while providing support for the region’s diverse, low-carbon energy future.

Reform State and Local Permitting & Regulatory Environment (STATE & LOCAL)

We support improvements to our state and local permitting and regulatory environment so that key permitting times are reduced and therefore make the region more cost-effective and attractive to the investment we hope to attract and retain.

Support Inclusive Growth Strategies (FEDERAL, STATE & LOCAL)

To create opportunities for all and achieve the regional vitality we all want, we support policies that address economic disparities and ensure that economic growth yields benefit across all communities equally.

We also support policies to encourage place-based immigration reform to support population growth, strengthening and expanding programs like the H-1B visa program; criminal justice reform, including expansion of the Clean Slate Act; and higher education policies that will incentivize and strengthen research and development activities, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ensure Local Government Solvency (LOCAL)

The Chamber’s efforts to strengthen local governments, improve services and attract business investment and residents in the region can be further accomplished through government consolidation. We support the annexation of the Borough of Wilkinsburg by the City of Pittsburgh to aid in post-pandemic recovery and future development, with a potential to catalyze substantial economic growth and improve the quality of life for our residents.

Support Innovation Policies (FEDERAL)

We champion policies that drive long-term investment to build out key clusters in energy, robotics/autonomy and life sciences, and investments into our region’s critical industries and world-leading research institutions. We support federal legislation that will strengthen the competitiveness of the U.S. economy and U.S. businesses and enable the designation of the region as a tech hub. We support the development of an annual strategy for the federal government to improve national competitiveness in science, research and innovation to support national security as well as provide $52 billion worth of incentives to address supply chain issues and increase semiconductor/microchip production in the U.S.

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