Export-Import Bank


International trade is important to the health of our regional economy. The federal Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) provides loans, loan guarantees and export credit insurance to help cover financing gaps for American exporters. It helps level the playing field for Pittsburgh companies pursuing new sales in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. The Ex-Im Bank operates at no cost to U.S. taxpayers.

Other countries such as China, France, Germany, Brazil, and Korea – our competitors in the export business – have similar export credit agencies that provide significantly more support for their exporters than the Export-Import Bank has provided to U.S. exporters. We must give our exporting businesses the ability to compete effectively.

The Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce advocated for the successful 2015 reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, which was big win for our region’s exporting firms and their suppliers. Currently, we are working to support a fully operational Export-Import Bank board that can reach a quorum to approve critical loans to exporters.

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