National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)


Southwestern Pennsylvania has been the birthplace of energy innovation due in large part to the cutting-edge research conducted at the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) located in suburban Pittsburgh, PA. NETL – the nation’s only federal government laboratory devoted to fossil fuel research – dedicates federal dollars to research, innovation and commercialization of technologies that make fossil fuel use and electric grids more cost-effective, efficient and environmentally responsible.

The Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce supports a broad, all of the above, strategy for energy, including continued encouragement of research & development in fossil fuels technologies. Our region must continue to support the research, development and commercialization conducted by NETL.

We advocate for additional increases to NETL’s budget, with the goal of receiving additional resources for NETL’s fossil fuels research. The will allow southwestern Pennsylvania to maintain and grow our energy research assets to further our innovation in energy exploration and utilization.

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